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We receive alot of feedback from our customers. Here are just a few of the many responses we have received:

"About a year ago, a friend gave me a bottle of Zaja pro and I just laid it on my desk up until about 6 months ago. I had been having issues with Al Cass on my Bach NY7. I thought I'd give it a try and darn if it didn't make my valves FLY. I love that stuff!!!" - Jay Meachum

"The mouthpiece arrived last Friday, and was a perfect fit for the lead pipe on my son's Shew Yamaha horn.

The improved results were almost instantaneous ! My son's range went up by several notes the first day, and last night, he called me in the middle of my gig, as he was beyond excited to tell me he had hit his first high C! He is now hitting them everyday in his practice.

You have helped save a trumpet player who almost threw in the towel over having to wear braces.

I can't thank you enough!" - Mark Pettey

"I would like to compliment you on your valve oil. I have a very old trumpet that has always had severe sticking problems. I've tried all of the major brands of valve oil and had no success. I've even had the valves lapped and replated. The problem still existed.

While on tour with The Ray Charles Orchestra this year, Wayne Coniglio, the bass trombonist, gave me a sample of your oil. I felt immediate improvement in the action of the valves. Within one week, the valves completely stopped sticking!!!! Now I can go 3-4 days without oiling. Plus, the fruity scent makes the trumpet smell good. I intend to reorder more oil as soon as my supply runs low. Thank you for the great product."

Ted Murdock

Ted Murdock - trumpet
Ray Charles Orchestra

"I received a very diverse smelling package yesterday of which I'm at a loss for adequate words of gratitude to express to you my heartfelt thanks. I immediately opened it and tried to administer some of the contents to my horn and much to my dismay upon getting a small amount on my hand, experienced no small amount of difficulty holding on to said horn. Finally, after a few attempts managed to complete the task and much to my amazement and no small amount of boundless joy was thoroughly amazed at how well my valves were working. Especially my Flugelhorn which has always been a problem in the past. (I love that word "past") And that was only the unscented bottle. I look forward with much anticipation to the sampling process of the myriad of essences of garden patch that lay ahead. I am thrilled to report that after 24 hours (or so) It hasn't showed even a hint of setting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

George Graham - Trumpet Los Angeles, CA

"My repair shop got some Zaja oil in and I must say I was rather impressed. My valves feel smoother than the Pro-Oil or Al Cass ever got them. Plus it's kind of fun to see the look on people's faces when you tell them to smell your oil. I got the strawberry. On the short term trial that it's had in my horn it's doing wonderful. If you can get your hands on some, it's worth a try. I haven't tried the grease yet but I would like to get some.

"I just got some Zaja valve oil and slide grease. It's really good stuff. My valves have never worked so good, Zaja sure beats Al Cass Fast. The Zaja slide grease worked great for my 1st and 3rd slides, but I felt it was too slippery for my tuning slide, 2nd valve slide, and my outer 3rd valve slide (I play a Bach)..."

"It is an excellent oil. I've been using it for several months now without any negative effects. Great Stuff!"

"Zaja Oil(tm) is one of my 2 favorite valve oils and as far as I'm concerned there are only two worth considering...Zaja and MusiChem Pro*Oil Hybrid are tops! Zaja has several nice scents to choose from. I love the strawberry! ;) "

"Yes, I'm sure Zaja will work on your Yamaha. I've used it on all of my horns and haven't had the slightest problem. (Monette, Bach, Olds, Kanstul, Puje, Callet, Courtois, Yamaha, etc.). I think you'll be pleased."

"I have yet to try anything that lasts as long or as well as either of them. There also does not seem to be any reaction between them. My slides just keep working and they stay clean without tarnishing. Great stuff!"

"I've settled on Zaja oil. It has virtually solved my flugel-first-valve-sticking problems. It lasts a long time and has a great vanilla scent. I highly recommend it."

"After reading some of the posts on TPIN relative to the miracle cure of the Zaja valve oil, I decided to give it a try. I gave Rich a call and had the oil in a very short period of time. This was the best phone call I've ever made. This is the first oil that I've ever used to virtually eliminate sluggish and sticky valves. I'm usually skeptical in trying new miracle products but this product certainly lives up to it's claim."

"I've been meaning to drop you a note to tell you that the Zaja Oil is fantastic!! It's literally solved my nagging first-valve flugel problems when no other oil would work. I've been using it for about three months and I've recommended to just about every trumpet player I've come into contact with. In any event, I don't know what your formula is for the stuff, but it sure beats the pants off any other oil I've ever used, including my home-made oil. And I've tried just about everything out there. I wanted you to know how pleased I am."

I have used "Al Cass" for years and "Roche Thomas" for years before that. I feel that they are basically the same a very thin odorless/colorless oil. I have bought gallons of this stuff in my carrer. Because they are so thin and evaporate so quickly I would have to apply them every day. Either directly to the valves or through the slides/leadpipe. I recently had a problem with my Yamaha 6310z where my 2nd valve was being cantankerous and I would have to keep it very "wet" sometimes even having to re-oil during a gig. My only option was to have the thing lapped out but my repair man didn't want to do that because he didn't want to disturb the metal of the horn for an intermittent problem. So I went looking for another solution.

On a lark I bought a bottle of Zaja oil that they had there in the music store just to see what all the talk was about.

I gotta say that after using Zaja for a few months now, I am a convert! It is a little thicker than Al Cass and at first I felt that it made my valves slower. But after a few days that feeling went away and now my valves feel as fast as they ever have been. The big benefits are the fact that Zaja has FIXED all of my valve problems, and the stuff lasts forever.

No kidding, I no longer have ANY problem with my valves stickingor being slow on any of my horns. Even on my Flugel which has had "tight" valves since I bought it. And when I let my fellow trumpeters try it on their problem valves it fixed them also.

I have ended up being a Zaja evangelist and almost all of myfriends now use it. I even use it on my superbone hand slide and it works better than normal trombone "cream".

And it seems to stick to the valve MUCH longer than any oil I've ever used. I put some on my Picc which I don't play that often and when I pulled the picc out after not touching it for 2 weeks the valves worked as if I had just oiled them. With Al Cass I would get that initial "stick" where I would have to force the valve down and then I would HAVE to oil them before I tried to play. I don't recommend not oiling your valves regularly but when an oil sticks around for 2 weeks and still works that is something!

I hope this doesn't sound like an AD for Zaja but you guys have gotta try it! I'm not getting any free oil or anything (hint, hint, Rich!!! :) I'm just trying to tell some friends about something that really works. It is one product that exceeds it's advertisement claims!

Stephen Thompson

As a long time user of Pro-oil on my Blackburn,
I can tell you your oil blows it away!! Great oil. Great tape!

Al DeGaetano

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your French Vanilla scented valve oil. I am in eighth grade at Loftis Middle school where I play trombone. I love the fact when I move my slide, the aroma gets stronger. Gloomy days can always be made cheerful after one scent of this interesting smell. This product was well worth the money and I like it very much."

Travis Jolley - Hixson, TN

I just had my Besson Sovereign Eb Tuba cleaned, and the guys at the shoppe used your Zaja oil on my valves. I love it.

For years I used Hetman's synthetic oil. Hover, your product gives my much more viscosity and last as long or longer than the other stuff. Plus it smells great. I've not tried your slide grease yet, but I hear it's a little "thin" for tuning slides. Any hopes of working on that?

Thanks for a great product,

Dan Faundez
Chicago Staff Band of The Salvation Army

It is a rare occurrence indeed these days to find a product that works as well as is claimed. this Zaja Oil has saved me no telling how much money a shop would have charged me for valve repairs. i've had continuous difficulty with sticking valves on my Yamaha for years, and with a few drops i instantly felt the difference. after cleaning my old brand of valve oil and starting fresh with Zaja, it's like a completely different horn! now my valves are almost too fast for me!

Anyway great stuff guys, and thanks for the new inspiration on my old horn!

With gratitude,

Lance Allen



Frank J. Rokob

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